Music with a story

You arrive at the dimly lit town just after sunset. Your partner, Sal, chimes in as you begin to explore the town: "We should turn back, man of these doors are just open. I think everyone left this town after the factories here shut down." 

(Explore loop 0:37) You continue to make your way more into town, not ignoring Sal's warning, but almost drawn towards something you can't explain. For a moment, you almost consider the world begins contorting in on itself as you approach the general mart. 

(1:13) You can hear noises coming from behind the mart as you turn the corner and try to find their location. You soon stumble upon the remains of a mutilated local, above them stands an eldrich horror attached like a leech from a pond. You back up, slowly turning to run, as you trip over a wooden plank the horror turns and makes a mad dash for you. (1:35)

Sal leads you as you attempt to escape the town's labyrinth, which slowly fills with wandering horrors that block your path. Sal continues to lead as you regain control and attempt to outrun the horrors. (escape loop 2:01 - 2:25)

(Cutscene 2:37 - 3:13) Your moments away from leaving the town, but before you can cross the edge several different horrors swarm Sal and place them in what appears to be a web. You attempt to scream, but your mouth is covered by a stranger who took this opportunity to sneak up behind you. They drag you behind a car, and motion for you to stay silent in your panic as you watch Sal dragged away along with several other people. 

(Dialogue loop 3:12 - 3:17) Silences falls between you and the stranger, a figured whose face is covered. They look you over, as you just call out Sal quietly. They reach into their bag and pull out an amulet, a symbol which you've never seen before. Before you can ask the wall burst open as several horrors charge the stranger, who hold the amulet up as light emanates from it. The horrors recoil as the stranger runs yelling behind them "Go north! It's the only way!", then taking off leading the horrors which give chase. as the game truly begins (3:18)